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Owning land in Idaho is a dream come true for many. With almost 84,000 square feet of living space, our beautiful state has something for everyone! Our state flag says it best, “Esto Perpetua,” meaning, It is forever. Our beautiful state is a forever home and forever welcoming to all who take care of her. Land ownership in Idaho is not always for the faint of heart. We are at the core and strength of our great states. With so much to offer our homeowners, it’s easy to understand why the Idaho real estate market has seen such huge growth over the last few years. 

Land Agents are seeing land in Idaho pricing up over 40%. Land Agents are attributing this growth to our strong economy, our beautiful land offerings, our low cost of living and Idaho’s easy access to nature and city in a lot of our urban areas. Whether you are looking to escape some of the West Coast hustle and bustle or looking to finally get that ranch you’ve always dreamed of, A Piece of Idaho is waiting for you. 

We have Idaho Commercial Property, Ranch Land for Sale, as well as family homes and Land for Sale. Idaho boasts more square miles of rivers than any other state at 3,100 miles and more whitewater rafting miles than any of the lower 48 states. With 21 million miles of forest and public land, our state is an ideal destination for homeowners looking for the perfect place to play and work. 

With so much beauty and opportunity, you can see why land in Idaho continues to increase in value and popularity. You can get yourself a piece of Ranch Land for Sale or a piece of Idaho Commercial Property. Whether you come to Idaho for business or pleasure, A Piece of Idaho is waiting for you!



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