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Why You Should Hunt in Idaho

Hunting is one of the best personal activities one can go through to get acquainted with nature. It is a very different experience than a walk in the woods, and allows you to participate in nature rather than just looking in from the outside. Hunting can also be a very different experience depending on your location and hunting lease. Land in Idaho can be very diverse and it is important to get the right kind of land for what you want to do.

Why Idaho?

Idaho is a great state to hunt in and look for a hunting lease in as it is one of the most diverse states in terms of game. There are many different species and groups available to suit your hunting desires such as:

  • Big Game
    • Deer, elk, and bears
  • Trophy species
    • Sheep and Moose
  • Waterfowl
    • Ducks and geese
  • Other birds
    • Turkeys, pheasants, and quails

This diversity in species makes Idaho one of the greatest places to purchase a hunting lease because it truly is bang for your buck by giving you the opportunity to hunt whatever you want as long as it is in season. Idaho is also renowned for hunting certain species such as pheasant and waterfowl. You truly will have the opportunity to do it all and tailor your own hunting experience.

Purchasing land for sale in Idaho can be a very rewarding and personalized experience as Idaho truly is diverse in the hunting leases available. From waterside areas to right below the mountains, there truly is a hunting lease that can fit anyone’s needs. A Piece of Idaho has access to any land in Idaho you could think up.

For any questions about purchasing land for sale in Idaho or Idaho hunting leases, call A Piece of Idaho today!



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